Ajab Fortified Atta Mark Flour

Ajab Fortified Atta Mark Flour

Ajab atta mark flour is the secret ingredient that will make your cooking experience a whole lot more interesting. This premium quality flour is made from the finest wheat grains and carefully milled to perfection, giving your dishes a deliciously rich and wholesome taste. Whether you’re whipping up a batch of fluffy rotis, crispy parathas, or savory bread.

Key Functionality

Helps in brain development, functionality of normal cells, maintaining healthy heart and digestive system, strengthens nervous system, boosts immune system and good vision.

Unique for

Rich in Fibre, Vitamins and minerals and very flavourful.


Making flatbreads such as chapattis, paratha, naan , roti and much more

Comes in


Ajab Fortified Atta Mark Flour

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